Tweets for 2015-07-17

  • Today at work someone mentioned Slipknot and I got stuck with a Wait & Bleed earworm ->
  • RT @AnnLarimer: Just saw a city worker pull a parking meter out of the pavement. He is now the true-born king of all Britons. ->
  • Who has two thumbs & just bought tickets to see Gaslight Anthem & Against Me? 😀 ->
  • Corsodyl has finally changed their advert so they have a man bleeding and now it makes sense ->
  • @tambourine WHAT IS THIS A THING THAT EXISTS DOES MY LIBRARY HAVE IT OMG ahhh in reply to tambourine ->
  • @tambourine Ugh lame. in reply to tambourine ->
  • RT @EldritchSwift: we were lying on your couch. i remember. you took a polaroid of us, shook it, frowned, and said, "uh, why aren't you sho… ->
  • @tambourine carly rae jepson is awesomesauce in reply to tambourine ->

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