Tweets for 2019-04-27

  • I feel like Twitter should learn that my Top tweets are the ones that have most recently been tweeted ->
  • RT @teh_nos: Since Irn Bru is made from girders it's the only recycled soft drink AND it's locally-produced so it's the most ethical drink… ->
  • RT @McJesse: I took every shot from behind-the-scenes featurettes where Thor is in front of a greenscreen, and edited him into Coachella. h… ->
  • RT @fansplaining: As we go through our results, we want to personally apologize to the most confused person who took our survey about shipp… ->
  • RT @simaenaga_bot: ->
  • It kind of fascinates me how my webhost assumes I have an audience for my site that I am concerned about other than me ->
  • @daniel_barker I'd prefer it as quiverd I think in reply to daniel_barker ->
  • RT @mattsinger: If DETECTIVE PIKACHU doesn’t have early screenings marketed as “Sneak Peakachus,” why even make the movie? ->
  • @HSouthwellFE Ok I have read this tweet twice now and I no longer think you are talking about Bella Goth in reply to HSouthwellFE ->
  • lol I've seen Endgame but I am just blocking people who go "this is not a spoiler" preceeding a spoiler because tha… ->

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