Tweets for 2020-01-18

  • RT @CARAA_Center: A very, very rare example of a Roman rock crystal spoon. First half of the 1st century AD. The handle is made from silver… ->
  • RT @LibyaLiberty: Eating popcorn or any other snack during a movie is distracting. ->
  • I mean, I had to stop eating in cinemas as a teenager because I would be physically sick every time and miss parts… ->
  • #poll How do you eat soft-boiled eggs? ->
  • Anyway today is the last day to save anything you wanted left on 8tracks ->
  • @tambourine Ahhhh this morning I remembered thinking that I wanted this and came back to the twitters to find out w… in reply to tambourine ->
  • RT @secretGeek: I deleted a lot of code today. It’s such a great feeling! So liberating! And hopefully Mark will lock his laptop next time. ->
  • I suppose the Trek film that does not exist kind of explains the things I don't enjoy about Rise of Skywalker ->
  • @TheRealRobMcD I mean, I've enjoyed these recent Star Wars films but there are certain parts where I shake my fist… in reply to TheRealRobMcD ->
  • But why does the party have to start at 2.30pm. Is the food going to be ready then? WHEN DO I EAT LUNCH? ->
  • @syn Ahhhhh of course it is daytime and now I cannot remember how much my glasses fix this for me when I want to know. in reply to syn ->
  • I mean this is also the problem I have with most of the weddings I have attended (so far, I have skipped out on the… in reply to herdivineshadow ->
  • RT @BriannaWu: Law enforcement walks down the street. Augmented reality glasses allow them to identify anyone they see from a database of p… ->
  • RT @Shvartacus: Jupiter Ascending deserved a trilogy. A glorious increasingly batshit trilogy. ->
  • RT @harlequinskiss: Harlequin's Kiss are in need of a new drummer. We've got gigs booked and an album in production for release this year.… ->
  • RT @GoldCaro: Just because it’s on the Internet it doesn’t mean it’s free – it doesn’t mean that you can take it. There’s passion and hours… ->

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