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    Tweets for 2018-04-21

    • RT @davidschneider: The Windrush fiasco shows what happens when the government takes advantage of people who don’t have passports or ID. Lu… ->
    • My garage is in a voter ID pilot area. There really has been VERY LITTLE publicity about this whole thing. ->
    • I read up on the voter ID thing when it was first announced, so I know that this is being trialled in the next consituency ->
    • In all the months since then? Well. I've seen it on the side of one dustcart in a couple of weeks ago & on a wrongly delivered tory leaflet ->
    • (I mean also, none of the people I can ACTUALLY vote for have delivered any leaflets but I guess they have time…) ->
    • RT @t_i_s_u: @jeffnoon A secret launchpad exists in Area 51 ¾, accessible only to those whose blood runs rich with moon lava, and whose eye… ->
    • @EvansBeard I liked to block advertisers with rubbish adverts in reply to EvansBeard ->
    • RT @sil: What the hell? The government want to stop you from seeing data about you, if it "relates" to immigration? What the hell can the m… ->
    • Anyway, yesterday one of my managers told me to go home early and enjoy the sun and then immediately remembered I hate sunshine ->
    • RT @my2k: secret tip to drawing really great anatomy: remember, on the inside, human beings are full of several extra heads. When you lose… ->
    • RT @IvanBrandon: This is incredible https://t.co/nJwFelEjvg ->
    • @HSouthwellFE I legit just had to google East Ham because I know nothing of geography 🙁 in reply to HSouthwellFE ->
    • @serpent_sky Well it looks like it's about to rain… in reply to serpent_sky ->
    • @tambourine grilled tofu :/ tofu outside of east/south-east asian cooking has always disappointed me in reply to tambourine ->
    • @tambourine i kind of want hot soya pudding now in reply to tambourine ->
    • RT @absurdistwords: Rarely happens:

      "Hi, is this Astrophysics 101? Great. Now I've never studied this, but do you mind if I take a few min… ->

    • RT @LaneWinree: DashCon: We were a fucking disaster

      FanCon: Hold my ball pit ->

    • @Hello_Tailor how much sugar did you add per glass/bottle/whatever? in reply to Hello_Tailor ->
    • RT @MarkDoesStuff: Real great thoughts here about this Universal FanCon disaster. 👇🏽 https://t.co/hbDR1gbHBU ->
    • Turkish delight flavour tim tams are kind of weird ->
    • RT @EbThen: Oh. Curious: what are they proposing to replace these with?

      Because straws are important for accessibility reasons.

      https://t… ->

    • RT @sometimes_heart: the phenomenon of “crown shyness,” where trees avoid touching https://t.co/ug8o3YhP6D ->
    • RT @prynnette: Just watched the future president of the world negotiate her dad into lending her the money to get a copy of DC Super Hero G… ->
    • RT @Film4: We have something of a Ethan Hawke double bill lined up this evening: Predestination (9pm) followed by Sinister (10.55pm). https… ->
    • Predestination was MINDBOGGLING ->
    • RT @ToTheEndDamien: Bold GDPR prep by Facebook. In a nutshell: "Don't want us using your data for ad targeting? Go away then." https://t.co… ->
    • RT @kyramdavies: Love Never Dies posits that musical ability isn’t a result of extensive training, but is a hereditary trait passed down so… ->
    • @thelifeof_rose whaaaat. stuff like this reminds me why I am MAD that academic journal access is prohibitively expensive. GRR in reply to thelifeof_rose ->
    • The thing about Presdestination is that you have to watch it more than once ->
    • RT @FernRiddell: I am reading a crime thriller written by a man. His lead is a female journalist whose sister has just been murdered by a s… ->