Tweets for 2010-04-21

  • @jenneebee It does and luckily I didn't have to stop watching since no work for me today! in reply to jenneebee
  • Gave 500 Days of Summer 3.0 stars out of 5:
  • Gave Seaquest DSV – Season 1 4.0 stars out of 5:
  • Just finished reading @KillShakespeare – it's ok and it makes me wish comics where about 20 pages longer.
  • at work about this time usually feel like something is in both ears. today it's only because i have earbuds in. bizarre work allergy is …
  • phone has irreconcilable differences with wap now. may need new phone. in a year or so
  • idlewild are splitting or taking a really long break i reckon. :\

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