Tweets for 2014-10-11

  • @nikki @JamesHunt I think she noticed the bucket was still in my room after last noticing it when I came back from university in reply to nikki ->
  • Local MP generously provided us with local village newsletter at "no cost to taxpayer" – not sure I should point out he's not our MP ->
  • You would think that an MP & his staff would know the electoral boundaries a bit better ->
  • "I have to open that. How do I open that?" "With a spoon" ->
  • IN other news, it is lucky that I put the LFF films I'm seeing into Remember the Milk c&p'ed straight from my confirmation email… ->
  • …cos I still had that I was seeing The Possibilities are Endless on Monday WHEN I AM SEEING IT TODAY WHICH IS WHAT RTM told me PHEW ->
  • I must have changed my mind when I bought the tickets so that I don't hang around aimlessly in London for 6 hrs between films ->
  • @SimonStirrat What are you seeing? in reply to SimonStirrat ->
  • ugh. person on track, whyyyy. train cancelled, it's going to be interesting getting to south ken in time. :/ ->
  • MOON ->

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