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    Tweets for 2017-11-11

    • @Kavey @SKODAUK Well they did used to have the reputation of being a skip on wheels for the longest time right? in reply to Kavey ->
    • RT @jojomoyes: The way that Brexiteers are trying to blame the EU for the 'problem' of Ireland is astonishing. What did they THINK was goin… ->
    • Waiting for some package to arrive that I paid a customs fee on and noooo idea what it is ->
    • Mostly cos the website I am expecting a thing from says they've not shipped that one yet but… ->
    • RT @mangopdf: ah, cryptocurrency, combining the stability of computers with the stability of money ->
    • @OllieMogs grrrrrrrrrrr in reply to OllieMogs ->
    • Sometimes I wonder if youtube videos will make kids better at DIY than growing up with tricky to construct Kinder Surprises ->
    • You know when you think you hear the text message noise on your phone, but then it turns out you didn't? That. ->
    • The thing is, though, the text message noise on my phone is a sort of polyphonic rendering of the Imperial March in reply to herdivineshadow ->
    • I MEAN YEAH there was that time at uni when I spent a few days as Darth Vader, with a rucksack containing a CD play… https://t.co/OQx8MLhKfS in reply to herdivineshadow ->
    • RT @roseveleth: Twitter: everybody gets 280!
      Except people who use screen readers!

      https://t.co/yXZb7e61q3 ->